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01.12.15 snow explorer     01.13.15 who knew that having to eat scrambled eggs for breakfast would be such a battle   and all cline’s troubles didn’t end there  …

January 21, 2015
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01.05.15 staying home from church sick is a real downer daddy bringing leftover donuts home from church was a definite bright spot on a dreary monday morning     01.06.14…

January 14, 2015

12.28.14 a robbery caught on camera it all started with a covetous look….   and ended with a high speed chase   12.29.14 i’m continually amazed at the difference between boys…

January 08, 2015

12.22.14 our small family Christmas  for some unknown reason, cline long ago coined the phrase”chicken legs and underwear.”   it’s become quite a versatile saying in our household,  often used by…

January 02, 2015

click on the image below to view the christmas video my kiddos and their gerber cousins stared in.   we filmed this for their grandparents christmas present; we were all so excited…

December 26, 2014
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12.15.14 first piggy tails – almost microscopic in size, but cute none the less   12.16.14 gingerbread party   12.17.14 sunny’s long awaited birthday   she was so excited about…

December 23, 2014