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12.07.14 sunny’s favorite game as of late – i won’t complain because it’s so much better than shoots and ladders   12.08.14 with some of their bestest friends – these…

December 18, 2014
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12.30.14 very enthusiastic christmas decorator helpers   something about washi tape makes me feel so chic and creative (not to mention frugal)   12.01.14 decorating the christmas tree somehow this is never the…

December 11, 2014
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11.24.14 giving himself an A on his math before i even check it – that’s the gerber confidence for you     11.25.14 lovin’ her blankie and the black licorice   11.26.14…

December 02, 2014
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 another wonderful thing about being part of  a large (very large)  family is a continual supply of babies to fill that “itch” in my arms. meet my new nephew; isn’t…

December 02, 2014
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11.16.14 rocking her baby owl     11.17.14 hello there       11.18.19 it doesn’t get much better than cousin snack time at grandmas    plastic high heels make on…

November 26, 2014
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11.09.14 fierce     11.10.14 wren loves to read, be read to and climb.  (the climbing is what caused the very noticeable lump on her forehead and the not so noticeable slightly…

November 17, 2014